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Hey all! Haven't posted in a bit but was just checking in. Anyone have any thoughts on the Combat Beta? I like it so far but wish I could move the action bar! I think it will make things like prayer switching a whole lot easier which I like cause I am terrible at it.
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Hi, deadjournal!

Well, I jumped on a 14 days of membership trial offer and somehow managed to get a level in prayer.

So, my levels right now are:
Attack: 7Defense: 3Strength: 9
Constitution: 12Ranged: 1Prayer: 95
Magic: 3Cooking: 54Woodcutting: 54
Fletching: 9Fishing: 98Firemaking: 57
Crafting: 54Smithing: 62Mining: 74
Herblore: 30Agility: 39Thieving: 11
Slayer: 2Farming: 50Runecrafting: 41
Hunter: 21Construction: 2Summoning1
Dungeoneering: 1Combat: 20Total: 790

Where did I get a magic level?
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As you all know - Free Trade and the Wilderness have returned to Runescape - along with staking ;)
I too returned for today at least and since it's been so long i present some pics from a day of scape.

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Christmas Update!

It's the time of year when people who haven't played in forever return and say, "Buh? what the heck happened to this game?" The Christmas update brings with it not only a holiday item and an emote; it brings three items and an emote!
20-Dec-2010 - O' Little Town of Daemonheim (Christmas 2010)
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Spoilers in red!
SANTA LOST HIS HAT AND YOU GET TO KEEP IT IF YOU GET IT BACK! but a crab is wearing it and you get to wear the crab on your head. OMG HEADCRAB. Also, you get item that makes you perform a snowman emote (think the snowmen from 2007) and a separate item-less emote that turns you into a seal and has a neat sound effect.
Be prepared to be frustrated by the challenges of the event and to hear whining from others going through it. Two of them are memory games. I'll leave the other two as a complete surprise.
20-Dec-2010 - Golden Joystick Awards and Golden Hammer
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Jagex's way of saying, "Thanks for the votespam!", the Golden Hammer is a wieldable smithing/construction hammer that comes with two emotes of its own. Sweet.
Patch Notes 20/12/10
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News:This time delivered in a timely fashion!

I reached 98 fishing, but so what, onto the news.
14-Dec-2010 - Damage Soaking and New Hitsplats
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Patch Notes 14/12/10
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The biggest complaints I have seen so far are that damage soak is not dependent on your defense level (which I think is sensible; soak should be a property of the armor you wear, not your skill at dodging attacks. There is some skill in rl in positioning your armor to soak the best, but not much), some higher level shields do not have soak, and Jagex's fix of the issue with the Daemonheim banker helps botters out.

Present Time!

Ok everyone the time has come to setup a day for the presents to be given out! I have decided to do it on the weekend before Christmas so here are the details:

Day: Sunday December 19th, 2010
Time: 11 am EST
Where: Daemonheim world 141
Who: Everyone! However the only ones who signed up for ore were the following

KilledtheKat - coal
Lunalija - coal
Monstermas22 - gold
Penny Drakis - coal
Thkya - gold

If I have any extra i'll give that out as well if others show up.

If you however don't show up on the day of the event you have until Christmas to contact me and if I don't hear from you about when you are going to collect the ores I will be dumping them into the party room in falador for everyone else!
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Dragon Defender and tools for clans

So, I am sure you have heard that Jagex has released a new dragon weapon, so lets get that out of the way first.
07-Dec-2010 - Warriors' Guild and Dragon Defender
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The changes in penguin hunting had thrown some clans and hunters for a loop earlier in the week but it appears the dust has settled.
Patch Notes 07/12/10
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Dev Blog : Tools for Clans by Mod Chihiro 07-Dec-2010
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Gah! Why do they need a flash object as the header of their dev blogs? It's just so… overboard. And all it does is show some text on a picture. WTF web department? WTF BLOG SOFTWARE?!